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Thursday, October 27, 2005


This letter is a plea for help.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please help me. I was a Croatian soldier and served in the HVO, HOS i HVO army police units. During my service, I went through many war zones. From 1992 until 1995, I protected the Mostar, Stolac, Dubrovnik, Capljina, Kupres, Uskoplje, Bugojno and Rama regions.

My father was killed as a civilian and my mother's retirement is 70 EUROs ($ 85 US) monthly. She is old and cannot provide the care on the level that a person with my level of disablity needs.

I currently receive 15 EUROs ($ US) monthly for my living expenses. I was 60% disabled after being wounded in the war. And in 1997, my neck was broken and I became a tetraplegic, leaving me 100% disabled. I cannot move either my hands or legs. Nor do I have control over my bodily functions. I do not feel anything from my chest down and have bed sores over much of my body that have become large open wounds.

I do need many things to survive such as antibiotic medicine, incontinence underwear (or adult diapers), urinal bags, sterile bandages, electric hospital bed, and an electric wheel chair. There is also a special stationary chair that would allow me to "stand" upright or sit so that I am not laying in the bed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It would also take my body weight so that my mother could assist me onto the electric wheel chair. Finally, there is a special antibacterial mattress that prevents and/or does not allow bed sores to develop.

I am writing this letter in despair in great despair. People like me do not live very long without help. Thank you in advance for any support you can offer. Please respond.

Ivan Vucemil
Ulica Fra. Andjela Zvizdovica bb
70280 Gornji Vakuf - Uskoplje
Bosnia and Hercegovina, Europe
Phone: 00387 (0) 63 352 969
E-mail: i
Pomoć možete dati meni osobno, poslati u pismu ili uplatiti na moj bankovni racun:
- UniCredit Zagrebacka banka d.d.
- Ivan Vucemil
- Andjela Zvizdovica bb
- 70280 Gornji Vakuf - Uskoplje
- Bosnia and Hercegovina, Europe
- Account: 40-21-02617-3

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